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This will be my first prolotherapy conference. I’m a novice really. I’ve studied the original text written by Drs Hackett and Hemwall. I’ve watched the instructional video created by Dr. Peterson and the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation. I’ve practice on myself and a few willing patients who are in desperate disabling situations physically.  I think my best learning experience was personally being a patient of prolotherapy dealing with my own desperate disabling spine/sacral disorders of ligament relaxation. The disease was horrible and unrelenting, but a few injections from Dr. Hauser in Chicago got me nearly normal in just three treatment sessions.

I’m especially excited after reviewing the names of the instructors, particularly names I’ve seen all over the internet while in search of a great prolotherapist. Names like Drs Alderman and Speciale. I hope I get a chance to meet these experts and introduce myself. Prolotherapy and Dr. Hauser literally saved my life. I can’t wait to learn these skills and start saving the lives of my patients whose lives were ruined by ligament relaxation and the excruciating pain it entails. Like I said, I’ve treated a handful of the most desperate patients in our practice and by following the simple guidelines of Dr Hackett and Dr Hemwall, these patients are starting to heal for the first time in many years.

The coolest thing about being a D.O. is that my studies really encouraged me to know the anatomy well, and I use my palpatory skills every day via Osteopathic Manipulation. As a family physician, I give shots all the time (too many nasty cortisone shots than I care to admit) and hundreds of trigger-point injections. So I feel primed and ready to start practicing prolotherapy!

Adam Lauer, D.O.,

The knowledge and expertise of your workshop instructors is truly remarkable.

Susan – Bear, Delaware,

Amazing Conference, I can’t wait for next year!

Dr. DV – Woodland Hills, California ,

I just had some Prolotherapy followed by PRP for a degenerative hip and knee for which I was told joint replacement is needed.  They both feel great and I am even thinking about getting back into tennis.  I am sure you hear testimonials like this all the time.  It is about time I start using this remarkable procedure myself for the benefit of my patients.

Susan R. - Physician and Patient, Brighton, MI,